Gear pump  PS Series

The „PS“ gear pumps include the following groups, displacements and max. pressures:
GR.1: from 0,9 to 9,8 cm³/rev - Max.pressure 290 bar
GR.2: from 4 to 26 cm³/rev - Max. pressure 290 bar
GR.3: from 19 to 62 cm³/rev - Max. pressure 300 bar

The GR.2 and GR.3 gear pumps are also available with cast iron flanges and cover versions. This solution allows to increase the max. pressures up to 320 bar, thus reducing the loudness level.
The hydro static balance adjusts the axial backlash of the gears.
Average Volumetric efficiency: 95%
The lubrication of the supporting bushes is automatic and proportional to the used working pressure.
Flanges and shafts are interchangeable one to another.

Technical Info

Recommended viscosity: 15 / 92 mm2/s

Limit viscosity at startup:  3000 mm2/s

Working Temperature:      20°C - 65°C

Temperature range:        -15°C - 80°C

Group 1 Gear Pumps
Group 2 Gear Pumps
Group 3 Gear Pumps

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