Hydraulic Valve

We are distributor of AXE hydraulics in GCC.


This is a non-compensated flow control valve with a check valve for reverse free flow. It is made in the modular version and with mounting surface according to the ISO 4401 standards; it can be assembled quickly without use of pipes, but using only suitable tierods or bolts, thus forming compact modular groups. It is also available as a reversible valve Meter-in or meter-out control depending on the way of assembly the valve on the OR subplate. All  the  configurations have an incorporated check valve  that  allows  reverse free  flow  (cracking pressure of 0,5 bar). The valves of sizes ISO 4401-03 (CETOP 03) and ISO 4401-05 (CETOP 05) are direct operated ISO 4401-07 (CETOP 07) and ISO 4401-08 (CETOP 08) are pilot operated and CETOP 10 standards.

                                                                                                                         Technical Details.....


This valve adjusts the flow speed in one & both the directions. They are comes two different configuration with check valve and with out check valve. They are available in different port sizes.

Min:  1/4” BSP, NPT - Flow: 30 lpm, Max. Pressure: 350 bar,  Cracking pressure: 0.5 bar

Max:   1” BSP, NPT- Flow: 100 lpm, Max. Pressure: 350 bar,  Cracking pressure: 0.5 bar

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