Check Valve

We are distributor of AXE hydraulics in GCC.


Flow is free in one direction and it is blocked in the reverse direction. Connect pressure flow with B port and actuator with A port. This valve allows flow from B port to A port and blocks flow in the opposite direction. They are available in different port sizes.

MIn:  1/4” BSP, NPT - Flow: 25 lpm, Max. Pressure: 400 bar.

Max: 1 1/2” BSP, NPT - Flow: 300 lpm, Max. Pressure: 300 bar.


This  is  a check valve (spring closing and cone on edge seals) with a built-in flow control feature. The mounting  surface  is  according  to  the  ISO 4401 standards Its use allows:

- prevention of flow one-way.

- flow in one-way, if opened by a pilot pressure.

- free flow in the other way.

The MCC are always mounted under the ISO 4401-03 (directional solenoid valves and can be assembled with all other ISO 4401-03 valves. The valves of sizes ISO 4401-03 (CETOP 03) and ISO 4401-05 (CETOP 05) are direct operated.

ISO 4401-07 (CETOP 07) and ISO 4401-08 (CETOP 08) are pilot operated and CETOP 10 standards.                                                                                                        Technical Details.....

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